Install Kumbu Save Button for Firefox

Last updated about 1 year ago

The Kumbu Save Button allows you to save memories from any social media and website, as you surf.
Kumbu Save Button is a Firefox extension that is directly integrated in all your favorite websites.

Install Kumbu Save Button

To install the Kumbu Save Button, you need to use a Firefox browser and to follow these steps.

1. Go to the Firefox Add-ons Website

2. Click Add to Firefox
add to firefox Kumbu Add-on.gif 521.37 KB

3. Confirm install by clicking Add extension
image.png 17.11 KB

4. Click the Kumbu Button in your navigation bar
kumbu-save-button-for-firefox.png 22.19 KB

5. Sign in to your Kumbu account

Note :
  • The Kumbu Save Button is also available on Chrome
  • If you are interested in a Save Button extension on another browser, please contact us