Organize memories into Collections

Last updated about 1 year ago

Collections allow you to group related memories. People mainly use collections for events and holidays, but also for categories like sports or DIY projects. 

Create a collection
new-collection.gif 1.11 MB

1. Sign in your Kumbu account

2. Click New collection in the action bar

3. Click the collection title "New Collection" to rename
rename-collection.gif 368.78 KB

Copy memories to (a) collection(s)

1. Open your digital souvenir box or a collection

2. Click on Organize and select one or more memories you wish to place in an existing Collection

3. Click Copy XX memories to...  

3. Select destination collection(s) and click Add to collection.
copy-souvenirs.gif 1.61 MB

Delete a collection

1. Open the collection you want to delete

2. Hover the option icon and click Delete collection
delete-collection.png 40.86 KB

3. Confirm delete action.

Note :

  • Deleting a collection is permanent, it cannot be undone.
  • You have the choice between deleting a collection AND its memories or deleting the collection only. In this case, memories will remain in your Souvenir Box.