How to invite your friends to contribute

Last updated almost 2 years ago

Invite your friends so they can add memories to your shared collections!
They will only be able to view and add memories to the shared collection you invite them to. They will not be able to edit your collection, nor to delete memories. 

Invite contributors to a shared collection

To invite your friends to add memories to your collection, follow these steps.

1. Open or create a collection

2. Hit Add Contributors in the Collection menu

3. Type your friends' email address and hit Invite

Notes :
  • The people you invite to collaborate will be listed under the sharing options.
  • You can Resend an invitation through the menu button next to your friends name and email
  • You can revoke access to a collection by hitting Remove access
  • People you invite to collaborate do not need a Kumbu account to upload photos and videos to your collection. 
  • For contributors to add memories using the Kumbu Save Button, they will need to register to Kumbu