How to delete a memory or a collection

Last updated almost 2 years ago

Deleting memories and collections is permanent and cannot be undone. 

Delete one memory

1. Hover the option menu of the memory you want to delete

2. Click Delete souvenir
delete-memory.png 702.43 KB

3. Confirm delete action

Delete several memories
delete-several-memories.gif 1.33 MB

1. In a collection or in the Souvenir Box section, click on Edit memories

2. Hover and click to select one or several memories

3. Click Delete xx memories

4. Confirm delete action

Delete a collection

1. Open the collection you want to delete

2. Hover the option icon and click Delete collection

delete-collection.png 40.86 KB

3. Confirm delete action.

Note :

  • Deleting a collection is permanent, it cannot be undone.
  • You have the choice between deleting a collection AND its memories or deleting the collection only. In this case, memories will remain in your Souvenir Box.

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